Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big night for struggling stars

Vladmir Guerrero ended his 28 game homerless streak tonight. It is amazing the number of superstars who have struggled terribly this season: David Ortiz, A-Rod, Vlad, even Magglio Ordonez. Tonight was a very good night for some of these players: Vlad homered, A-Rod drove in a few runs and David Ortiz hit a home run, had two hits and drove in 3.

Luckily, these teams are not completely dependent on them as much as other teams would be. The Angels could really use Vlad putting up big numbers in the middle of the lineup, but they are deep enough to win without him. They are 11th in the league in scoring runs. which is typical for them. The Angels also are tied for the best team Batting Average in the league. They are not hitting a lot of home runs (22nd in the league), so that is where Vlad needs to come in. Relying on Torii Hunter to provide the power is a mistake, he usually hits under 25 home runs a year. It's good news for the Angels, they just need more of it from Vlad.

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