Thursday, July 16, 2009

1st Half - Top Offensive Players

50 RBI, 50 Runs, .300 BA, 15 HR, 100 Hits
Albert Pujols (Cardinals)
Ryan Braun (Brewers)
Justin Morneau (Twins)
Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)
Adam Lind (Blue Jays)

50 RBI, 50 Runs, .300 BA, 10 SB, 15 HR
Albert Pujols (Cardinals)
Justin Upton (Diamondbacks)
Torii Hunter (Angels)

Nothing is really surprising, except for Adam Lind coming out of nowhere to break into a list full of former MVPs and perennial MVP-candidates. The #1 overall pick of the 2005 draft and predicted phenom Justin Upton is starting to live up the hype at 21 years old. He's not quite a superstar, but he's getting there.

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