Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All-Star Game

You kind of knew what was going to happen once Carl Crawford took away that home run. With the AL running out Jonathan Papelbon, Joe Nathan and Mariano Rivera, it seemed unlikely the NL would score any more runs, especially since they only had 1 hit after the 2nd inning, and that was an infield single by Orlando Hudson.

It's kind of the way it used to be with the Red Sox whenever they were in the postseason before 2004. Everyone knew something bad would happen to prevent them from winning, and it always did.

The NL is coming close every year, so they should have a good shot next year. They just need a really big inning, like the AL had in 1983 when they jumped out to the 9-1 lead behind Fred Lynn's Grand Slam to break the NL's 11-game winning streak.

It was an exciting game, but now it's over. Time for the 2nd half.

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