Monday, July 13, 2009

Blog Carnival 07.13.09

I would like to thank everyone who submitted this week, the first carnival at Baseball In-Depth. I received 4 entries this week and hope for that number to grow in the future. It is a good way to promote your articles and will be even better as time goes by. If you know someone else who has an interesting blog or article, please direct them here. Thank you, and enjoy.


Colin Timberlake presents Training Log: The Anvil of Crom - Day 10 posted at

He uses Lou Gehrig as an inspiration for his workout routine on this day.


Sean Cochran presents Baseball as theology? posted at A Greater Glory.

This is an article in response to another article (read the article he based this post on, too) which discusses Field of Dreams and whether baseball can be considered a secular religion. The response takes on how baseball might be a great game, but it is not sufficient as a religion.


Jack Perconte presents Rambling On About My Glory Days: Toughest Pitchers I Faced posted at Jack Perconte.

This is a really interesting article if you want to read about baseball by someone who actually played it at the Major League level. You've heard of all of the pitchers he's discussing, such a Nolan Ryan (in a no-hitter) and Jack Morris. They are all either in the Hall of Fame or are in the discussion for it.


Brian Akin presents Dear (Tommy) John Letters: Sunk Costs and Signing Bonuses posted at Dear (Tommy) John Letters.

This is a blog posting by a minor league athlete who is blogging while rehabbing and takes an interesting look at the economics of organizations keeping minor league athletes in the system.

Thank you to those who submitted this week and please submit more articles for the upcoming editions.

If anyone would like to submit, please use the Carnival Submission Form. For future info, please consult the Baseball In-Depth Carnival Index Page.


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