Thursday, July 2, 2009

By the Decade: Doubles

Miguel Tejada and Hanley Ramirez are tied for the league lead in doubles with 26, which is a pace for about 54 throughout the season. The last non-strike shortened season without 50 doubles by any player was 1992.

Getting to 50 doubles was a (somewhat) magical number from about 1940-1995. The lowest number of doubles to lead a league throughout a season was 32 by Sal Bando and Pedro Garcia for the AL in 1972. The highest number since 1936 was 59 by Todd Helton in 2000.

Number of 50 double seasons by the decade:

20's: 11

30's: 20

40's: 4

50's: 2

60's: 1

70's: 2

80's: 2

90's: 10

00's: 27


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