Thursday, July 23, 2009

Could Mark Buehrle no-hit his way to the Hall of Fame?

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Chicago White Sox

Could Mark Buehrle pitch his way into the Hall of Fame with a few more no-hitters, or would he be seen as a really good pitcher with a strange ability to pitch no-hitters? He's on a good pace for wins, having just turned 30 and having 132 wins. If he stays healthy, it is easy to imagine him reaching 200 wins (or 250 if he stays past his retire-in-2012 pledge).

His ERA is a little high at 3.78 and has never been under 3.00. That would probably have to change, and he's never really competed for a Cy Young Award. It is a bit of a mystery how a guy that has a perfect game and a no-hitter isn't more dominant. Still, if he ends his career with 250 wins and 4 no-hitters, I wonder how much it would be factored in.

Most No-Hitters:

Nolan Ryan - 7
Sandy Koufax - 4
Bob Feller - 3
Cy Young - 3

Right now, he's tied with Hideo Nomo, Bob Forsch, Steve Busby, Bill Stoneman, Ken Holtzman, Jim Maloney, Don Wilson and others.

Looking at his numbers, there is no reason to think he would ever throw a no-hitter: he allows a lot of hits. But, apparently, he has a talent for it and it is interesting to think how it would affect his career if he threw 2 more. Remember, he's only 30 and could have 8-10 years left (or longer). He has said that he will retire at the end of his contract in 2012, at the age of 33, so that would be a serious impediment if he followed through. If he decided to stick around for a few years after that, this would be an interesting scenario.


  1. Well if he stays in the league, and just makes the 200 win mark, I'd say he'd be a good candidate. The thing that sucks is that he may be ending his career on his own terms in 2012 when his contract is up. He's repeatedly said that he's retiring then.

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