Saturday, July 18, 2009

Greg Maddux is in a class by himself

Greg Maddux is retired and his career numbers appear set:

355 wins
3.16 ERA
4 Cy Young Awards
17 straight 15-win seasons
5008 Innings
3371 Strikeouts with only 999 walks

Yeah, 999 walks. Despite pitching in the Majors for 23 years and over 5000 innings, he did not walk that 1000th hitter and become the 111th pitcher to "accomplish" that feat.

Here are some pitchers that did walk over 1000 batters:
Al Leiter
Tim Wakefield
Mark Langston
Dave Steib
Rick Sutcliffe

What do these pitcher all have in common?
They were all good pitchers who pitched less than 3000 innings in their career, while walking over 1000. They walked over 1000 hitters in less than 3000 innings and Maddux walked under 1000 in over 5000 innings.

5000 innings pitched is 13th best all time and 6th of the modern era, behind Phil Neikro, (5404 IP, 1809 BB), Nolan Ryan (5386, 2795), Gaylord Perry (5350, 1379), Don Sutton (5282, 1343), Warren Spahn (5243, 1434) and Steve Carlton (5217, 1833).


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