Saturday, July 11, 2009

Halfway Awards, Part 2

Having a really good season with a horrible batting average: Carlos Pena

Ignore his Win-Loss Record, his numbers are great: Javier Vasquez

Best Bouncebacks: Robinson Cano and Scott Podsednik

Best Breakout speedster: Michael Bourn

Most dominant pitcher: Joe Nathan

Best we-know-he'll-have-a-high-ERA-but-he's-cheap-and-has-at-least-been-around-before: Sidney Ponson

Best late career transition from mediocre starter and decent set-up guy to sensational closer: Ryan Franklin

Still questionable on paper, but maybe they're for real: San Francisco Giants

Best rollercoaster ride: Colorado Rockies

Will Pujols outhomer them? NY Mets

Luckiest "contender" in a weak division: Chicago Cubs

Stealthiest historic season: Dan Haren

Freakiest Stat: Mariano Rivera - 43 K, 3 BB


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