Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hall of Fame's starting pitching gap

Here are the pitchers currently in the Hall of Fame that started their career after 1967:

Bruce Sutter (1976-1988)

Rich "Goose" Gossage (1972-1989, 1991-1994)

Dennis Eckersley (1975-1998)

Rollie Fingers (1968-1985)

They were all closers, and while Eckersley was a starter for the first decade of his career, he was not a good enough starter (generally around .500) to make the Hall of Fame from that.

Bert Blyleven (1970-1992) has 287 wins, and Jack Morris (1977-1994) has his supporters, but they're not close to getting in right now.

Greg Maddux (1986-2008) is probably a lock for 2014, but that would mean there are no starting pitchers that started their career between 1967 (Steve Carlton) and 1986 (Maddux). There were a lot of very good pitchers from this era (Fernando, Hersheiser, Saberhagen, Ron Guidry, Doc Gooden, Vida Blue), but none of them put together Hall of Fame careers.

In 2009 Hall of Fame voting, Bert Blyleven was at 62.9% and Jack Morris was at 44%. The last pitcher from this period to crack 10% other than Blyleven or Morris?
Orel Hersheiser (1983-2000) in 2006 (11.2%), which fell to 4.4% in 2007 and 0% in 2008.

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