Friday, July 24, 2009

Halladay's last start for the Blue Jays? Another gem

Harry Leroy Halladay ("Roy" for short) had a very good game tonight against the Rays (9 IP, 1 ER, 10 SO), but he will not win because the game went into extra innings. If this was his final start for the Blue Jays, here are his final numbers for them since his debut on September 20th, 1998.

142 Wins
69 Losses
3.46 ERA
.673 Winning % (10th All-Time)
1939.2 IP
1400 SO
2 20-Win seasons (2003, 2008)
6 All-Star Games
2003 Cy Young Award
(2nd Place Finish) 2008 Cy Young Award

He is 10th all-time in winning percentage, for a team that has not made the playoffs and has basically been a .500 team over this decade.

As a baseball fan, I would like to see him have the opportunity to pitch in the playoffs. He could be a big-game pitcher in the playoffs like Josh Beckett or John Smoltz.

If he goes to the Phillies (as many have speculated), he has a good chance at that, and helping them repeat as World Champions. He could get another start even if he is traded because it's only the 23rd, but these trades can come at unpredictable times.

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