Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mets end losing streak with 1-0 win

The Mets ended their 5-game losing streak and beat the Brewers 1-0 (one of three 1-0 games in the Majors today. Jerry Manual employed an unusual tactic to help them break the streak: riding a team bus together from their hotel to the ballpark. Even K-Rod said it was "a little weird". Jerry Manual doesn't want it to be too big of a story:

Mets manager Jerry Manuel wasn't particularly eager to credit the bus ride, or the previous night's post game team meeting, as essential motivational techniques. After all, the next day's starter is allowed to leave the game early -- so Pelfrey wasn't even at Manuel's clear-the-air session that lasted 28 minutes Tuesday night.

"I told him, 'If he'd been at the meeting, he would have thrown a no-hitter,'" Manuel joked.

This Mets have struggled this year, but so has every team in the NL East. They had the 4th worst team ERA in all of baseball during June, so this game was desperately needed.


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