Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Most Dominant Regular Season Teams

The measure of dominance is run differential for a team (runs scored -runs allowed). I will compare these to historical teams in the future. I will also break down the numbers even further, looking beyond the top teams. One interesting stat is that the 2007 Diamondbacks won the NL West with a -20, while the Rockies finished behind them at +102.

2001 Seattle Mariners +300

2001 Oakland A's 239

2007 Boston Red Sox 210 (W.S. Champs)

2002 Anaheim Angels 207 (W.S. Champs)

2002 New York Yankees 200

2004 St. Louis Cardinals 196 (W.S. runner-up)

2002 Boston Red Sox 194

2007 New York Yankees 191

2008 Chicago Cubs 184

2004 Boston Red Sox 180 (W.S. Champs)

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