Monday, July 27, 2009

Pujols, Fielder, Mauer...Willingham?

There are 6 Players currently over .1000 OPS (On Base % + Slugging %) - (Min. 200 Plate Appearances)

Albert Pujols (Cardinals) - .1132

Joey Votto (Reds) - .1040

Prince Fielder (Brewers) - .1022

Joe Mauer (Twins) -.1020

Raul Ibanez (Phillies) .1009

Josh Willingham (Nationals) .1007

Ok, 4 of them are legitimate MVP-candidates (or will at least receive a lot of votes): Pujols, Fielder, Mauer, Ibanez. Then, there is Joey Votto and...

Josh Willingham, who was a part-time outfielder for the Nationals most of the season, but has has really hit the last few months, and hit 2 grand slams tonight. He's had some good seasons before and shown promise, but I don't think anyone saw this coming.

2008 (Marlins): .254 (BA), .364 (OBP), .470 (SLG), .854 (OPS)
2009 (Nationals): .298, .410, .596, .1007

If the Nationals were going to trade Willingham, the price probably just keeps going up. He would probably be a good fit for the Tigers, but who knows if they would make that move. Even with his great numbers, they were brought down by a miserable April:

April: .143 Batting Average, 1 HR, .559 OPS
May-present: .326, 15 HR, .1079 OPS

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