Friday, July 17, 2009

Read this if you really like arcane baseball research

From the Wall Street Journal: An article about how the study of baseball stats, including a tidbit about players with nicknames living longer than those without.

Other interesting studies related to about political views and the DH and whether players with K in their initials strike out more than those without. Some of the studies relate to baseball, but would even have more "real-world" applications, such as circadian rhythm and worker productivity.

W. Christopher Winter, medical director of the Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center, led a soon-to-be-published study, funded by Major League Baseball, showing that teams that are adjusted to their time zone have a “circadian advantage” over teams that have just traveled across the country. “Baseball is a great way to raise awareness,” says Dr. Winter, who notes that findings can apply to shift-workers. “It’s a sexy topic and it gets a lot of attention.”

Even with so many people studying baseball numbers for so long, it sounds like there is a lot left to study. With "baseball quirkologists" like Ernest Abel and Michael Kruger, both of Wayne State University, which is located in Detroit, there should be more unusual baseball studies coming in years to come.

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