Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Red Sox are slumping, but their next homestand is winnable

The struggling Red Sox fell out of first place, having lost 5 games in the standings in their last 5 games. Since the All-Star break, they went 1-5 on the road against the Blue Jays and Rangers. Now, they're going to have a 3 game series against the Orioles at Fenway, followed by a 4 game series against the A's at Fenway.

The A's and O's have a combined record of 81-106 (33-60 on the road), while the Sox are 31-14 at home (best in the league). Then they have a 9 game road trip to Baltimore, Tampa and New York. Obviously, they have to make the next 7 games count, because they are very winnable games. They've had a bad week, with some brutal numbers:

J.D. Drew: 0-18 (7-55 in July)
Jason Varitek: 1-13 (8-41)
Jason Bay: 2-16 (9-50)

They have had a minor (so far) shakeup involving acquiring Adam Laroche and trading Julio Lugo to the Cardinals for Chris Duncan that will probably give their offense a boost. They are lucky that they have a 7-game homestand against very beatable teams.

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