Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Tigers should be adding offense

One of the Tigers best players this year was Brandon Inge. Recently, he has been in pain. and has not been playing well.

Batting Average, OPS

April: .319, .1114
May: .235, .709
June: .287, .908
July: .169, .585

Before All-Star Break: .268, .875
Since All-Star Break: .135, .408 (0 XBH)

He's not the only one who has struggled...

Team Batting Average, OPS

Pre All Star Break: .259, .750
Post All Star Break: .249, .722

Right now, they can count on...
Miguel Cabrera
Curtis Granderson

Reason to hope...
Carlos Guillen
Marcus Thames
Placido Polanco

Why aren't they trying to add offense? The Pirates are trading away their whole team, maybe they have someone.

It is going to be frustrating for the Tigers and their fans because they have such a good shot at the playoffs, but they might not be able to score enough runs. With Verlander and Edwin Jackson, they could match up with almost anyone in a short series.

The offense could turn around and be good enough, but it seems unlikely with the current lineup. They need to add offense, and it has not happened yet.

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