Monday, July 13, 2009

Trivia: Who's still playing from the last time NL won the All-Star Game?

The last time the NL won the All-Star Game was 1996, when it was played in Philadelphia and Mike Piazza was the MVP (also the last shutout).

Just for fun, I look at how many players in the starting lineups are still active:

Out of 18 players, there are 3:
John Smoltz, Ivan Rodriguez and Chipper Jones.

What about reserves?

Out of 41 players, there are 6 players still active.

Ken Griffey, A-Rod, Andy Pettitte, Jason Kendall, Gary Sheffield, Pedro Martinez (Yes, Pedro, because it looks like he's coming back).

That makes 9 out of 59 players since the last time the NL won the All-Star Game.

How many of their players are with the same team?
Andy Pettitte and Chipper Jones, with Chipper Jones being the only one with uninterrupted service to the same team (Pettitte went to the Astros for a few years).

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