Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yankees to begin the Sergio Mitre era next week

Sergio Mitre is going to become the Yankees no. 5 starter while Chen Ming Wang is on the DL. He was 10-23 with a 5.36 ERA in 5 seasons and hasn't pitched in the Majors since 2007 when he was with the Marlins. What's the connection? He pitched forJoe Girardi in 2006 when Girardi was Manager for the Marlins.

Maybe they're hoping for a recreation of Aaron Small (remember him?) from 2005, when he came out of nowhere to go 10-0 with a 3.20 as a mid-season replacement. When the Yankees brought him up in 2005, he hadn't started a Major League game since 1996 (!).

They won't need much from Mitre, just some decent starts until Chen-Ming Wang is off the disabled list. If he turns into Aaron Small, all the better. If not, they'll probably trade for another starter decent no. 5 starter: Roy Halladay?

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