Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bobby Abreu and pitches per plate appearance

Bobby Abreu is having a good season with the Angels, but he is losing his advantage is in one of his best offensive categories: Pitches/Plate Appearance. He was always at the very top of the league in how many pitches he saw every time at bat, but that is lessening now:

2002: 4.32 2nd ML
2003: 4.31 2nd
2004: 4.32 T-1st (Brad Wilkerson)
2005: 4.40 1st
2006: 4.46 1st
2007: 4.38 3rd
2008: 4.29 6th
2009: 4.15 14th

Regardless, his strategy at the plate is working, as he is hitting .316 with a .411 on-base percentage, which would be his best batting average since 2000.

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