Monday, August 3, 2009

Brendan Donnelly's fascinating career

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It's not too often than a cast-aside 38 year old middle reliever can have a major impact on a playoff race, but it could be happening with Brendan Donnelly and the Marlins. He was signed in July by the Marlins and had an immediate impact. He has had a very fascinating (and controversial) career.

2002: 1-1, 2.17 ERA, 46 games
2003: 2-2, 1.58 ERA, 63 games
2004: 5-2, 3.00 ERA, 40 games
2005: 9-3, 3.72 ERA, 66 games
2006: 6-0, 3.94 ERA, 62 games
2007: 2-1, 3.05 ERA, 27 games
2008: 1-0, 8.56 ERA, 15 games
2009: 2-0, 0.82 ERA, 13 games

  • Born: 1971
  • Drafted: 27th round of the 1992 Draft (White Sox)
  • Was on 18 different minor league teams 1992-2002 (445 minor league games in career).
  • Debuted: April, 2002 (Angels)
  • Not allowed in the Major League Baseball Players Association because he was a replacement player in 1995 during the Strike.
  • Known for wearing goggles while he pitches.
  • Winning Pitcher - 2003 All-Star Game (only career selection).
  • Had Tommy John Surgery in 2007.
  • Suspended for using Pine Tar in his glove in 2005 (nemesis and former teammate Jose Guillen alerted the umpires).
He has at least been a part of a turnaround in the Marlins' fortunes:

Marlins Team ERA
April: 4.39
May: 4.87
June: 3.94
July: 3.51


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