Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fernando Rodney, a pleasant surprise as closer

In baseball, you just never know:

Detroit Tigers' Closer Fernando Rodney
2007: 2-6, 1 SV, 2 BL SV, 4.26 ERA
2008: 0-6, 13 SV, 6 BL SV, 4.91
2009: 25 SV, 1 BL SV, 3.57

In the AL, there are only 2 pitchers with 25+ Saves, and 1 or fewer blown saves:
Mariano Rivera
Fernando Rodney

In fact, they are also the only 2 pitchers with 6 or more saves, and 1 or fewer blown saves in the AL.

Still, Rodney is still getting the job done in August, which not everyone expected when he was named the closer. His numbers aren't even that much different than Mets' closer Francisco Rodriguez (26 saves, 5 blown saves, 3.27), who is now making about 4 times what Rodney makes.

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