Saturday, August 1, 2009

Final Totals for July

Batting Average (min. 75 PA): Erick Aybar (Angels) - .414 (Lowest: Carlos Pena (Rays) - .146)

OBP, OPS (min. 75 PA): Matt Holliday (A's/Red Sox) - .487, .1157 (Lowest: Ian Kinsler (Rangers) - .200; Josh Hamilton (Rangers) - .513)

Stolen Bases: Nyjer Morgan (Nationals/Pirates), Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox) - 14

Runs: Chone Figgins, Bobby Abreu (both Angels) - 26

Hits: Orlando Cabrera (A's)- 41

Home Runs, SLG: Garrett Jones (Pirates) - 10, .700

RBI: Bobby Abreu (Angels), Ryan Ludwick (Cardinals) - 28

Wins: John Lackey (Angels), Jorge De La Rosa (Rockies), Randy Wells (Cubs) - 5

ERA (min. 20 IP): Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) - 0.71 (Highest: Russ Ortiz (Astros) - 12.23; 2nd Highest: Vin Mazzaro (A's) - 8.51)

SO: Tim Lincecum (Giants) - 51

Saves: Mariano Rivera (Yankees) - 10

Team Runs: Angels - 185 (2nd - Phillies 153) (Lowest: Pirates - 83)

BA: Angels - .316 (2nd - A's .296) (Lowest: Pirates- .225)

HR: Rangers, Yankees 40 (Fewest: Mets - 13)

ERA: Phillies 3.22 (Worst: Brewers 5.67)

Wins: Phillies 20 (Fewest: Royals - 7)

Opponents' Batting Average: .219 Giants (Worst: Reds - .292)

Huge offensive improvement for the A's:
Batting Average: Rank, BA
April: 28th, .237
May: 26th, .243
June: 27th, .232
July: 2nd, .296

The Angels' offensive explosion was impressive:

Runs - Highest, 2nd Highest
April: Blue Jays 142, Cardinals - 133
May: Rays - 184, Twins - 168
June: Rockies - 154, Angels - 148, Rays - 148
July: Angels -185, Phillies, 153

Batting Average: Highest in League
April: Blue Jays - .292
May: Astros - .288
June: Rays - .284
July: Angels - .316


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