Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ponson v. A-Rod: Not a fair fight

Sidney Ponson has had a bit of a rough career, although he has managed to stick around the game a long time despite a propensity to give up a lot of hits:

10.15 H/9, 1500+ IP, since 1933
Jack Knott (1933-1946) 10.33
Sidney Ponson (1998-present) - 10.25
Jose Lima (1994-2006) - 10.24
Elden Auker (1933-1942) - 10.22
Bob Tewksbury (1986-1998) - 10.18
Lary Sorenson (1977-1988) - 10.16

He has been very tough on one great hitter:

Alex Rodriguez Lowest BA (50+ AB - 14 pitchers)
.176 - John Lackey
.188 - Sidney Ponson (.219 OBP, 69 AB, 6 HR, 3 BB, 19 SO)
.212 - Barry Zito
.259 - Mike Mussina

This was not typical for Sidney either:

Sidney vs. (50+ AB)
.358 Derek Jeter
.188 A-Rod
.237 Bernie Williams
.345 Johnny Damon
.304 Jorge Posada
.420 Manny Ramirez
.346 Shannon Stewart

Some other one-sided matchups:
Craig Biggio v. Brandon Webb: 1/24 - .042
Chipper Jones v. Hideo Nomo: 2/35 -.057
Sammy Sosa v. John Smoltz: 4/41 - .105
Mike Schmidt v. Orel Hersheiser: 4/29 - .138
Wade Boggs v. Bob Welch: 5/36 - .139
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