Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Tim Lincecum stats (warning, Cubs fans)

There are a lot of fun stats about Tim Lincecum that show the select company that he's already in. Here's one:

In 2009, he is 12-3, with a .800 W-L%, 10.71 K/9, 2.19 ERA, 172 IP (on pace for about 240).

Let's be really generous and see how many other individual pitching seasons can match the following stats (which he looks like he'll almost certainly reach this year):

2.50 ERA, 10.00 K/9, .700 W-L%, 200 IP
1965 Sandy Koufax: Dodgers (Cy Young -ML)
1995 Randy Johnson: Mariners (Cy Young - AL)
1997 Randy Johnson: Mariners (2nd Cy Young - Roger Clemens)
1999 Pedro Martinez: Red Sox (Cy Young - AL)
2000 Pedro Martinez: Red Sox (Cy Young - AL)
2001 Randy Johnson: D-Backs (Cy Young - NL)
2002 Randy Johnson: D-Backs (Cy Young -NL)
2003 Mark Prior: Cubs (3rd Cy Young NL - Eric Gagne, Jason Schmidt)

If you lower the threshold to 170 IP (which he's already at), the list adds only 1 season besides Lincecum of this year:

2002 Pedro Martinez: Red Sox (2nd Cy Young AL - Barry Zito)

Sandy Koufax
Pedro Martinez
Randy Johnson
Mark Prior
Tim Lincecum

It's a very short list, but it is full of pitchers with durability issues. Certainly the fact that Mark Prior is on it is a bit troubling, but Linecum seems much more like Pedro than Prior. With his lanky frame, he might be a prime candidate to have durability issues too, although ending up with Pedro's career numbers would not be a bad thing at all. If he can stay healthy, Lincecum seems well on his way to a record-breaking, Hall of Fame career. More stats to follow.

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