Monday, August 10, 2009

White Sox are going for it

First Jake Peavy, now Alex Rios. They are taking on a contract that will last for another 5 years and about $50 million, for a guy that has had his production drop dramatically over the last couple of years. The Blue Jays were not compensated because Rios was claimed off waivers and I kind of doubt that The Blue Jays were upset.

Still, you have to love the White Sox (more specifically, Ken Williams and Jerry Reinsdorf), for taking some chances. It's easy for me to say, since I'm not a White Sox fan, but I like it.

2007: .297, 114 R, 191 H, 24 HR, 85 RBI, .852 (All-Star)
2008: .291, 91 R, 185 H, 15 HR, 79 RBI, .798
2009: .264, 52 R, 115 H, 14 HR, 62 RBI, .744

Considering he is 28, if he can revert back to his 2007 form, it might be a good deal for the White Sox. They did, after all, give up nothing to get him.


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