Monday, August 17, 2009

Who has hit .400 since Ted Williams?

Since Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941, there have been 3 other instances of players hitting .400...with at least 75 at-bats. Yes, it falls significantly short of the requirements for the batting title, but it is still an accomplishment.

Ted Williams (Red Sox) 1953: .407, 91 AB

Bob Hazle (Braves) 1957: .403, 134 AB

Mike Davis 1982 (A's) .400, 75 AB


  1. Hazle's an interesting one, but 75 AB's ain't worth a sneeze to me....but I just looked up his stats & found he was a September callup that year...makes it a little more impressive when I think he just came out of the minors and slammed .400 in the majors.

    You'd probably be interesting to know there's a number of players who've hit .400 over the course of their first 230+ PA's in a season (since 1969)... but failed to keep that up for the whole season -

    ...And a couple that hit .400 over about 178+ PA's in the end of a season, Dave Parker in '78 & Ichiro in '04 -

    BTW, I love your blog. Been following about a week now.

  2. Thanks for saying that. I really appreciate the feedback. There are a lot of interesting aspects to people hitting .400 for periods of time since 1941, and hopefully I will write about some more aspects of it.

    This just seemed like an interesting statistical oddity: only 3 players who could claim they finished a season with a .400 average with 75 at-bats since 1941 and naturally Williams was one of them.

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