Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Pujols Stats

120+ BB, 80- SO, 20+ HR, 35+ 2B since 1900
1920 Babe Ruth (Yankees)
1937 Lou Gehrig (Yankees)
1947-49 Ted Williams (Red Sox)
1970 Willie McCovey (Giants)
1987 Von Hayes (Phillies)
1992-93 Barry Bonds (Giants)
2002 Brian Giles (Pirates)
2004 Todd Helton (Rockies)
2009 Albert Pujols (Cardinals): (99 BB, 55 SO, 42 HR, 35 2B through 134 games)

This is kind of a statistical quirk, although this is an impressive set up numbers for anyone to put up in a season, which might explain how Von Hayes, aka "5 for 1", snuck in, despite not having incredible overall numbers (.277 BA, .404 OBP, .473 SLG). Still, this has not been done in the AL since Ted Williams in 1949.

Albert Pujols is on pace for exactly 120 BB and only 66 SO (and 50 HR), so it should be close. In case you're wondering, has anyone ever had 120+ BB, less than 70 SO and 50+ HR in a season? Nope, he would be the first.

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