Saturday, September 12, 2009

Evan Longoria

Through Evan Longoria's first 2 seasons, he has been very good. He won the 2008 AL Rookie of the Year Award (11th in MVP voting), has improved his numbers this year, and will probably get a decent number of MVP votes again:

Career: .276 BA, 57 HR, 188 RBI, .885 OPS
2008: .272, 27 HR, 85 RBI, .874 OPS
2009: .280, 30 HR, 103 RBI, .895 OPS

He will probably join this list, which has the only players in ML history who finished their 1st 2 seasons with 1000 PA, .875 OPS, 55 HR, 190 RBI
1930-31 Wally Berger (Boston Braves)
1936-37 Joe Dimaggio (Yankees)
1952-53 Eddie Mathews (Milwaukee Braves)
1946-47 Ralph Kiner (Pirates)
2001-02 Albert Pujols (Cardinals)
2007-08 Ryan Braun (Brewers)
2008-09 Evan Longoria (Rays)

To be fair, he still needs to improve his numbers in some areas. He also might join the following list of players, but which he probably hopes to avoid. He currently has 244 career strikeouts and only 105 walks.

1st 2 seasons: 250+ Strikeouts, Less than 120 walks:
1968-69 Bobby Bonds (Giants) 271, 119
1986-87 Pete Incaviglia (Rangers) 353 103
1986-87 Cory Snyder (Indians) 289, 47
2006-07 Dan Uggla (Marlins) 290, 116
2007-08 Alex Gordon (Royals) 257, 107
2007-08 Mark Reynolds (D-Backs) 333, 101
2008-09 Evan Longoria (Rays)


  1. As far as third basemen go, is it safe to say that you'd rather have Longo instead of Reynolds or Wright if you're starting a team?

  2. Right now, I'd probably say yes, because Longoria is a little younger and doesn't have any real issues. Reynolds is putting up huge numbers, but you have to wonder a little about a player that hit .239 with 204 strikeouts last year. David Wright's lack of power this year is worrisome, too, despite a good batting average.

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