Thursday, September 17, 2009

An exciting finish in the AL Central?

Great news for the Tigers: they don't have to face the Royals juggernaut again this season.

Tigers vs. Royals, since Sept. 8 (6 games): 1-5, outscored 42-17. The Tigers have actually played well in September at 9-7 (1-5 vs. Royals, 8-2 vs. rest of league). The Royals were probably spared the 5th 100 loss season in their history (all since 2002). They are currently 59-87 with 16 games to go.

This weekend could be exciting because the Tigers have a 3 game series at the Metrodome and the Twins are 4 games out. If the Twins win 2, they'll be only 3 games out, and a sweep would put them 1 game out. If the Tigers win the first game, though, it becomes 5 games out with 15 games to go.

If the Tigers don't extend their lead soon, their final homestand could produce some drama: 7 games - 4 vs. Twins, 3 vs. White Sox (final series of the year). With pretty much every other race already decided, it is nice to have the potential for meaningful games before the postseason.

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