Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jonathan Papelbon is good, Jimmie Foxx was better

Pitchers who started their career after 1920 and retired with 200+ IP and sub-2.50 ERA
1942-1946 Joe Berry (Cubs, A's, Indians) 2.45 ERA, 294 IP
1987-1995 Bryan Harvey (Angels, Marlins) 2.49, 387
2004-07 Akinori Otsuka (Padres, Rangers) 2.44, 232

Active Pitchers with 250+ IP, sub-2.50 ERA
2005-2009 Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox) 1.86 ERA, 291 IP
2006-2009 Takashi Saito (Dodgers, Red Sox) 2.08, 238.1
1995-2009 Mariano Rivera (Yankees) 2.26, 1081.1
1995-2009 Billy Wagner (Astros, Phillies, Mets, Red Sox) 2.39, 824.1
2002-2009 Francisco Rodriguez (Angels, Mets) 2.43, 514
Red Sox rank 3rd in ML in bullpen ERA, 1st in AL in 2009 at 3.66; 17th in starter's ERA, 8th in AL at 4.61.

3.00 ERA, 1000 IP, 7 K/9 since 1895
1897-1910 George Edward "Rube" Waddell (must read) 2.16 ERA, 7.04 K/9, 2961.1 IP
1955-1966 Sandy Koufax 2.76, 9.28, 2324.1
1959-1975 Bob Gibson 2.91, 7.22, 3884.1
1965-1980 John Hiller (Tigers) 2.83, 7.51, 1242
1976-1988 Bruce Sutter 2.83, 7.43, 1042.1
1984-2005 John Franco 2.89, 7.04, 1245.2
1995-2009 Mariano Rivera 2.26, 8.31, 1081.1
1993-2009 Trevor Hoffman 2.74, 9.54, 1033
1992-2009 Pedro Martinez 2.92, 10.06, 2812.1

Lowest Career ERA, 20+ IP, since 1920: 1939, 1945 Jimmie Foxx - 1.52 ERA, 23.2 IP (22.2 IP in 1945)


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