Monday, October 19, 2009

Coming back from 2-0

Teams who have been down 2-0 in a 7 game (or greater) series and won, since 1903:

1921 World Series 5-3 NY Giants over NY Yankees (Yankees won Game 1 at on the road and game 2 at home)
1955 World Series 4-3 Brooklyn Dodgers over NY Yankees
1956 World Series 4-3 NY Yankees over Brooklyn Dodgers
1958 World Series 4-3 NY Yankees over Milwaukee Braves
1965 World Series 4-3 LA Dodgers over Minnesota Twins
1971 World Series 4-3 Pittsburgh Pirates over Baltimore Orioles
1978 World Series 4-2 NY Yankees over LA Dodgers
1981 World Series 4-2 LA Dodgers over NY Yankees
1985 World Series 4-3 Kansas City Royals over St. Louis Cardinals
1985 ALCS 4-3 Kansas City Royals over Toronto Blue Jays
1985 NLCS 4-3 St. Louis Cardinals over LA Dodgers
1986 World Series 4-3 NY Mets over Boston Red Sox
1996 World Series 4-2 NY Yankees over Atlanta Braves
2004 ALCS 4-3 Boston Red Sox over New York Yankees

The Yankees have done it 4 times and had it done to them 4 times. It doesn't really happen anymore, for some reason, while it happened 6 times between 1978 and 1986.


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