Thursday, December 3, 2009

Miguel Tejada

Miguel Tejada had a good season, leading the NL in doubles and hitting .313. It was unusual, though, because his OBP was only .340 because he only walked 13 times:

.310+ BA, .340- OPB, 600+ PA, since 1900:
Hy Myers: 1922 (Dodgers)
Vic Power: 1958 (A's/Indians)
Mickey Rivers: 1976 (Yankees)
Garry Templeton: 1977, 1979 (Cardinals)
Damaso Garcia: 1982 (Blue Jays)
Tony Fernandez: 1986 (Blue Jays)
Miguel Tejada: 2009 (Astros)


  1. Wow, that's hard to do! I can't believe Templeton did it twice.

  2. still 8th in NL Avg
    2nd in hits in NL
    first in doubles NL
    His 86 RBI was overall after ties 14th highest NL RBI total lead in tc doubleplays
    I think he had a great year


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