Thursday, January 14, 2010

Switch Hitters - 2009

Pablo Sandoval - Throws Right
Overall: .330 (572 AB)
LHB: .314, 19 (427)
RHB: .379, 6 (145)

Kendry Morales - Throws Right
Overall: .306, 34 HR (566 AB)
LHB: .309, 30 (431)
RHB: .296, 4 (135)

Lance Berkman - Throws Left
Overall: .274, 25 HR (460 AB)
LBH: .291, 18 (326)
RHB: .231, 7 (134)

Chipper Jones - Throws Right
Overall: .264, 17 HR (488 AB)
LHB: .252, 9 (329)
RHB: .289, 9 (159)

Brian Roberts - Throws Right
Overall: .283, 16 HR (632 AB)
LHB: .278, 15 (421)
RHB: .294, 1 (211)


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