Sunday, April 4, 2010

AL MVP Candidates

ESPN's 38 experts made predictions about who would win the postseason awards.  Their picks for the American League MVP:
  • Evan Longoria (9)
  • Alex Rodriguez (7)
  • Mark Teixeira (6)
  • Joe Mauer (6)
  • Miguel Cabrera (5)
  • Kevin Youkilis (2)
  • Justin Morneau (1)
  • Derek Jeter (1)
  • Nelson Cruz (1)
There's a good chance that the AL MVP will be among their picks, although there were some other players in the AL that are likely to put up huge numbers last year.  Adam Lind and Aaron Hill will not only have to put up big numbers again before they're put in this category, but they're on the Blue Jays, a team that is unlikely to be in contention.  They would need unbelievable numbers to win the MVP on a losing team, which is unlikely to happen. 

Kendry Morales didn't get any votes from ESPN (although he did from Jon Heyman on, but he'll probably be a contender. He was one of the best hitters in baseball during the second half and will be an important part of the Angels lineup. 

Potential MVP candidates: Ichiro, Ben Zobrist, David Ortiz, Michael Cuddyer, Torii Hunter, Chone Figgins, Carl Crawford, Dustin Pedroia, Victor Martinez, Jason Bartlett, Michael Young, Robinson Cano, Jason Kubel, Robinson Cano, Kendry Morales

Might be an MVP candidate on a better team: Nick Markakis (Orioles), Billy Butler (Royals), Aaron Hill (Blue Jays), Adam Lind (Blue Jays)

Have the talent, but will have to play much better than last year: Carlos Pena, Curtis Granderson, Ian Kinsler, Josh Hamilton, Grady Sizemore, Carlos Quentin, Vladimir Guerrero, Hideki Matsui, Magglio Ordonez

I might be missing a few, but that probably covers it.

.300, 30 HR, 100 RBI (AL - 2009)
Adam Lind (Blue Jays)
Kendry Morales (Angels)
Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)

.300, 15 HR, 50 RBI (Post-All Star Break, AL - 2009)
Mark Teixeira (Yankees)
Kendry Morales (Angels)
Adam Lind (Blue Jays)
Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)

.300, 20 R, 20 RBI (September, AL - 2009)
Adam Lind (Blue Jays)
Aaron Hill (Blue Jays)
Mark Teixeira (Yankees)

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