Friday, April 9, 2010

Carlos Silva

Carlos Silva is getting his first start for the Cubs tonight against the Reds.  It will be the 2nd NL start in his career, with the first being a no-decision on August 2, 2003, for the Phillies.

Over the last two years, with Seattle, he went 5-18 was a 6.81 ERA.   Over 183.2 innings, he allowed an incredible 12.45 H/9, and a .330 average.  He was in a class by himself the last few years, allowing many more hits per game than even Livan Hernandez and Sidney Ponson.

Early in the spring, he had a bad outing that left Lou Piniella almost speechless:
"It wasn't, uh …" manager Lou Piniella said, letting the media fill in the blank. "The results were really not good. I can see where he locates a lot of pitches in that thigh area, and that's a ball that you can drop the bat head on fairly easy. … But this is the first time out, so hopefully he gets better from here."
Does Silva just throw it out and put it behind him?

"I have to, you know what I mean?" he said with a laugh. "If I'm going to stay with this game, I'm going to be a mess."
Most H/9, 1000+IP
11.13 Chief Hogsett (1929-1944)
10.98 Dick Coffman (1927-1945)
10.98 Benny Frey (1929-1936)
10.97 Carlos Silva (2002-present)
10.85 Sloppy Thurston (1923-1933)

He also tends to issue very few walks (including only 9 in 188 IP in 2005), but even those have been going up.  One thing he probably has going for him is low expectations.  If it doesn't look like batting practice for the Reds tonight, people will be pleasantly surprised and he might be able to become a part of the Cubs rotation for a while. 

Ted Lilly should be returning to the Cubs rotation soon, which will result in someone getting bumped.  If Silva pitches tonight anything like he did in Seattle, his stint in the Cubs rotation won't be long.

Update: Was that the real Carlos Silva? 6 IP, 1 ER, 3 H, 3 SO, 1 BB.  I doubt that the Cubs were expecting that, but they may have found something here.  His next start is scheduled to be  a day dame against the Brewers at Wrigley on Thursday, and he could further cement his status in the rotation, which he'll need for when Ted Lilly returns.

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