Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Major League Leader in Wins...with 3 Innings Pitched

This is getting ridiculous.  Toronto Blue Jays middle reliever Casey Janssen is now 3-0.  He is the only pitcher in the entire league with three wins and he has piched a grand total of 3 innings.  His ERA, appropriately enough, is 3.00.  Prior to this season, he had 10 wins (and 17 losses) in 206.2 innings.  At the rate he's going, he could make a run at one of these guys:

Fewest Innings to...
5 Wins: 1965 Roy Face 5-2 20.1 IP (Pirates)
10 Wins: 2008 Jose Arredondo 10-2, 61 IP (Angels)
15 Wins: 1959 Roy Face 18-1, 93.1 IP (Pirates)
20 Wins: 1954 Bob Grim 20-6, 199 IP (Yankees)
25 Wins: 1990 Bob Welch  25-6, 238 IP (A's)
30 Wins: 1931 Lefty Grove 31-4, 288.2 (A's)
35 Wins: 1913 Walter Johnson 36-7, 346 IP (Senators)
40 Wins: 1904 Jack Chesbro 41-12, 454.2 (Yankees)


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