Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Early Returns: Hitting with RISP

BA with RISP
1 D-Backs: .405 (29rd in 2009)
2 Padres: . 328 (27th)
3 Giants: .296 (26th)
28 Blue Jays: .180 (21st)
29 Astros: .170 (12th)
30 Orioles: .158 (2nd)

The D-Backs have only had 37 AB with RISP (lowest in the ML), compared to 59 for the Padres, 71 for the Giants, 84 for Detroit (highest).  Still, a .405 BA is impressive, and Chris Young has gone 3-5 with 2 HR and 9 RBI.  It's one reason that they're 4-2, aftering going 70-92 last year. 

I'm surprised that the Orioles were 2nd last year, so maybe they're is some hope for them to recover.  The Blue Jays lead the ML in home runs and a good lineup.  The Astros will probably start hitting too, because Carlos Lee is hitting .111 (overall, 0 AB with RISP) and Hunter Pence is at .120 (overall, 0 AB with RISP).  They're both quality hitters and will start hitting at some point, and Lance Berkman could return this month.

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