Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Individual Months (Hitting)

.350+ BA, 20+ RBI

Josh Hamilton (Rangers)
David Wright (Mets)
Paul Konerko (White Sox)
Adrian Gonzalez (Padres)

David Ortiz (Red Sox)
Jonny Gomes (Reds)

Ryan Braun (Brewers)

.400+ BA, 30+ RBI (2000-present)

June 2010
Josh Hamilton (Rangers) .470 BA, 30 RBI

August 2008
Melvin Mora (Orioles) .418, 32

June 2007
Alex Rodriguez (Yankees) .402, 34

June 2001
Luis Gonzalez (D-Backs) .417, 35

April 2001
Manny Ramirez .408, 31

September 2000
Jason Giambi (A's) .400, 32
Richard Hidalgo (Astros) .476, 31

August 2000
Todd Helton (Rockies) .476, 32

June 2000
Jeff Kent (Giants) .424, 34

May 2000
Edgar Martinez (Mariners) .441, 32


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