Wednesday, June 9, 2010


14+ SO, 0 BB, 4 H or fewer (NL, since 1920)
Stephen Strasburg 2010 (Nationals, ML Debut)
Mark Prior 2003 (Cubs)
Randy Johnson 2001 (D-Backs, 20 SO)
Kerry Wood 1998 (Cubs, 20 SO)
Jose DeLeon 1985 (Pirates)
Mario Soto 1982 (Reds)
Tom Seaver 1971 (Mets)
Jim Bunning 1966 (Phillies)
Sandy Koufax 1965 (Dodgers)
Bobby Brolin 1963 (Giants)
Van Mungo 1935 (Dodgers)

14+ SO, 0 BB, younger than 22 (7 out of 67 possible games)
Gary Nolan (19, 1967; Reds)
Dwight Gooden (19, 1984; back-to-back starts, September 1984; Mets)
Kerry Wood (20, 1998; Cubs)
Stephen Strasburg (21, 2010; Nats)
Vida Blue (21, 1971; A's)
Frank Tanana (21, 1975; Angels)

This is a little ominous, because none of the other 5 pitchers, despite having respectable careers, have made or likely will make the Hall of Fame, despite probably all having the talent to do so.  Considering the hype surrounding Strasburg and his level of talent, it's not too soon to be thinking about that. 

Hopefully, looking at this again in 20 years, he will be the exception (it's unlikely there will be more than a few other names added but with there nearly being 3 perfect games in a month anything's possible).


  1. Nolan, Gooden and Wood were amazing the first parts of their careers and spectacular flameouts in their second acts. Blue resurrected himself to respectability after a mid-career lull and went 10-10 with a 3.27 ERA at age 36 in his final season, though he never again approached his early dominance. Only Tanana pitched until 40 or did much beyond 35.

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