Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tyler Clippard

7+ wins, 10.5+ SO/9, 1.75 ERA or lower, .700+ W-L% (since 1900)
1977 Bruce Sutter (Cubs) 7-3, 1.34 ERA, 10.82 SO/9
1990 Rob Dibble (Reds) 8-3, 1.74, 12.49
1993 John Wetteland (Expos) 9-3, 1.37, 11.92
2000 Pedro Martinez (Red Sox) 18-6, 1.74, 11.78
2001 Arthur Rhodes (Mariners) 8-0, 1.72, 10.99
2006 Joe Nathan (Twins) 7-0, 1.58, 12.51
2010 Tyler Clippard (Nationals) 8-3, 1.58, 10.7

Tyler Clippard isn't far into his career, so he isn't making a lot of money considering the type of year he's having, but could end up pricing himself out of Washington eventually if he keeps this up.  If he does, the Yankees can get back "The Yankee Clippard", who they lost after making an ill-advised trade on December of 2007 where they received Jonathan Albaladejo for Clippard. 

Albaladejo was another young reliever who was used sparingly by the Yankees in 2008 and 2009, and is currently in the Yankees minor league system.  Clippard could also become the first reliever since 1986 (Mark Eichhorn and Roger McDowell both won 14) to win more than 12 games in a season.


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