Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who is on pace to finish June with 20 R and 20 RBI?

20+ R, 20+ RBI (April or May)
Matt Kemp (April)
Mark Teixeira (May)
Jose Bautista (May)
Martin Prado (May)

10+ R, 10 +RBI (June)
Josh Hamilton (Rangers)
Carlos Pena (Rays)
Michael Young (Rangers)
Torii Hunter (Angels)
Vladimir Guerrero (Rangers)
Troy Glaus (Braves)

20+ R, 20 + RBI (2009)
Albert Pujols (April)
Nick Markakis (April)
Justin Upton (May)
Jermaine Dye (May)
Johnny Damon (May)
Ryan Howard  (May)
Michael Cuddyer (May)
Justin Morneau (May)
Raul Ibanez (May)
Evan Longoria (May)
Prince Fielder (May, June)
Joe Mauer (May, August)
Mark Teixeira (May, September)
Ben Zobrist (June)
B.J. Upton (June)
Ryan Braun (June)
Matt Holliday (July)
Derrek Lee (July, September)
Bobby Abreu (July)
Troy Tulowitzki (August)
Ryan Zimmerman (August)
Matt Kemp (August)
Kendry Morales (August)
Aaron Hill (September)
Adam Lind (September)


  1. Hamilton's way better this season than last year. What do you think the difference is?

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