Monday, August 2, 2010

Carlos Marmol's Historic Strikeout Totals

I first noticed this in May, and Carlos Marmol is still at it, although his strikeouts are down from a lofty 17.47 SO/9 to a more pedestrian 16.78 SO/9.

14.95+ SO/9, 10+ IP (1900-2010)
1999 Billy Wagner (Astros) 74.2 IP, 14.95 SO/9
2003 Eric Gagne (Dodgers) 82.1, 14.98
1999 Jeff Sparks (Devil Rays) 10, 15.30
2002 Kane Davis (Mets) 14, 15.43
2010 Carlos Marmol (Cubs) 49.1, 16.78

No pitcher has ever finished a season with more than 16.5 strikeouts per 9 innings in more than 6 innings.  The only two pitchers in ML history to finish with 5+ IP and more than 16.78 SO/9 are:

2002 Francisco Rodriguez (Angels) 5.2 IP, 20.65 SO/9

2005 Hong Chih-Kuo (Dodgers) 5.1, 16.88


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