Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Giants?

I realize there are still 12 days left in September (so comparing their September pitching to other teams from completed months is a little premature), but the Giants pitching this month has been unbelieveable.  The bullpen, in particular, has been dominating, allowing only 2 ER in 39.2 IP (0.45 ERA; starters have a 1.45 ERA).

Top 2 teams, ERA, by month (2010)

Cardinals 2.65
Giants 2.75

Padres 3.08
Phillies 3.16

Padres 3.30
Rangers 3.40

White Sox 2.94
Reds 3.06

A's 2.83
Phillies 2.98

Giants 1.64
Indians 2.58

Despite their pitching, they are only 10-6 because they have the 3rd worst offense in September.  They are capable of scoring runs (2nd in July with 149 runs), but it's usually a struggle.  The good news is that their season will likely come down to the final weekend, with a 3 game series at home against another offensively-challenged team: San Diego.  Of course, the Rockies could blow past both of them, but at least the Giants will have a say in it with a series next weekend at Coors.


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