Monday, September 27, 2010

September Pitching (World Champions)

September Pitching (World Champions)
2000 Yankees: 27th in ML (5.67 ERA)
2001 D-Backs: 18th (4.62)
2002 Angels: 4th (3.21)
2003 Marlins: 11th (3.78)
2004 Red Sox: 18th (4.71)
2005 White Sox: 5th (3.50)
2006 Cardinals: 12th (4.27)
2007 Red Sox: 11th (4.31)
2008 Phillies: 7th (4.03)
2009 Yankees: 12th (3.96)

2010 (Teams in contention)
#1 Giants
#5 Phillies
#6 Twins
#8 Braves
#t-13 Reds
#16 Padres
#17 Rangers
#25 Yankees
#27 Rays

The average of the ten champions from 2000-2009 was 12.5, and the median was 11.5.  The Reds are the team closest to that right now because they are tied for 13th with the Mets (3.99) and they are very close to #12 (Mariners - 3.98 ERA). 


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