Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coming back from 3-1 (and winning the final 2 on the road)

Teams that have come back from 3-1, winning Games 6 & 7 on the Road
1958 Yankees - WS (Braves)
1968 Tigers - WS (Cardinals)
1979 Pirates - WS (Orioles)
1985 Royals - ALCS (Blue Jays)
2003 Marlins - NLCS (Cubs)
2004 Red Sox - ALCS (Yankees)

As rare as it is, the Yankees have a good shot at pulling it off.  Phil Hughes will face off against Colby Lewis again, and it's a toss-up.  The Rangers knocked Phil Hughes around a bit (7 ER, 4 IP), while Lewis was decent (2 ER, 5.2 IP), but the Yankees are unlikely to go quietly against Lewis. 

Then the only thing standing between the Yankees and a historic comeback and the Series is Sandy, Cliff Lee.  No, he's not Sandy Koufax, he's just a former Cy Young award winner who pitches like Koufax in October. 

The Rangers need to avoid feeling comfortable in Game 6 because Lee is waiting in the wings.  He's human, and he's bound to have a bad game eventually (he did allow 5 ER over 7 innings to the Yankees in Game 5 of the 2009 WS).  The Rangers are probably still going to the Series, but they need to get ahead early in Game 6 if they want to avoid being lumped in with the '03 Cubs and '04 Yankees.

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