Saturday, October 23, 2010

Franchises in their 1st World Series Appearance

Franchises in their 1st World Series Appearance (Since 1961)
1969 New York Mets: Won 4-0 (Orioles)
1980 Kansas City Royals: Lost 4-2 (Phillies)
1982 Milwaukee Brewers: Lost 4-3 (Cardinals)
1984 San Diego Padres: Lost 4-1 (Tigers)
1992 Toronto Blue Jays: Won 4-2 (Braves)
1997 Florida Marlins: Won 4-3 (Indians)
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks: Won 4-3 (Yankees)
2002 LA Angels: Won 4-3 (Giants)
2005 Houston Astros: Lost 4-0 (White Sox)
2007 Colorado Rockies: Lost 4-0 (Red Sox)
2008 Tampa Bay Rays: Lost 4-1 (Phillies)


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