Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Losing Game 1 to the Yankees

The Twins have lost Game 1 to the Yankees at home (they had a 3-0 lead in the 6th inning).  Add to this their dismal recent postseason history (losing in the ALDS to the Yankees in 2003, 2004 and 2009), and things are not looking good for the Twins (although if the Yankees revert to 2001-2007 postseason form, they'll have a shot).

Teams that have won series after losing Game 1 to Yankees at Home
NY Giants, 1921 WS (5-3)
Cardinals, 1942 WS (4-1)
LA Angels, 2005 ALDS (3-2)

Teams that have lost series after losing Game 1 to Yankees at Home
Pirates, 1927 WS (4-0)
Cubs, 1938 WS (4-0)
Phillies, 1950 WS (4-0)
Giants, 1962 WS (4-3)
Royals, 1976 ALCS (3-2)
Royals, 1978 ALCS (3-1)
Brewers, 1981 ALCS (3-2)
Braves, 1999 WS (4-0)
Mariners, 2001 ALCS (4-1)

This seems kind of short considering how many times the Yankees have been in the postseason, and the main reason is that the Yankees usually have had home field advantage in the Wild Card era..

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