Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tommy Hunter

The Rangers gave themselves a chance by winning the must-win Game 3, and now they have to win Game 4 as well to have a legitimate shot at winning the series.  Unless Cliff Lee starts game 4, it's going to fall on Tommy Hunter.  Hunter went 13-4 in 2010, but he wasn't called up from AAA until June 5th.

First 10 starts: 8-0, 2.31 ERA, 32 SO, 15 BB, 7 HR
Next 8 starts: 4-3, 6.39 ERA, 21 SO, 14 BB, 13 HR
Next 6 starts (including 2 postseason starts): 1-2, 3.45 ERA, 26 SO, 4 BB, 2 HR

Another important stat:

2010 (not including postseason)
Home: 7-0, 3.06 ERA, 41 SO, 13 BB
Away: 6-4, 4.48 ERA, 27 SO, 20 BB

Home: 6-3, 3.36 ERA 
Away: 3-3, 5.01 ERA

Despite his gaudy 13-4 record (he led the majors in W-L %), he has been inconsistent and probably won't shut down the Giants in Game 4.  The good news for the Rangers is that he is a much better pitcher at home and has dramatically cut down on allowing walks and home runs since mid-September. 

They probably can't expect more than about 5 or 6 innings out of him, but Hunter seems likely to keep the Rangers in the game and give their offense and bullpen a chance to win it.

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