Saturday, October 30, 2010

World Series Sweeps

This might not be as relevant later tonight if the Rangers win, but the Giants have a chance to join an exclusive list of NL teams that have won the World Series via the sweep.

World Series Sweeps: National League Winner
1990 Cincinnati Reds (A's)
1976 Cincinnati Reds (Yankees)
1963 LA Dodgers (Yankees)
1954 NY Giants (Indians)
1922 NY Giants (Yankees)
1914 Boston Braves (A's)
1907 Chicago Cubs (Tigers)

World Series Sweeps: AL Winner (not Yankees)
2007 Boston Red Sox (Rockies)
2005 Chicago White Sox (Astros)
2004 Boston Red Sox (Cardinals)
1989 Oakland A's (Giants)
1966 Baltimore Orioles (Dodgers)

World Series Sweeps: (Yankees)
1999 (Braves)
1998 (Padres)
1950 (Phillies)
1939 (Reds)
1938 (Cubs)
1932 (Cubs)
1928 (Cardinals)
1927 (Pirates)

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