Saturday, December 4, 2010

Derek Jeter: The Next 3 Years

It looks like Derek Jeter will be returning to the Yankees for 3 more years, during which he will mostly be between the ages of 37 and 39.  While the Yankees are certainly hoping that he can bounce back from one of his least productive seasons ever (he did score 111 runs, but his OPS was .710). 

He's probably never going to put up MVP-type numbers like he did in 1998, 1999 or 2006, but he could hit around .300 over the course of his new contract.  Even if he has a decline, Jeter is a great candidate to join this list in a few years. 

He's a future Hall of Famer, and he'll be hitting at the top of one of the best lineups in baseball as long as he's a Yankee.  What this shows is how rare it is for players to continue to put up quality numbers in their late 30's, but Jeter and the Yankees must believe he will be one of them for $17 million a year.

.290+ BA, 240+ R, age 37-39 (RHB, 1900-2010)

Bob Johnson, 1943-45

Hank Aaron, 1971-73
Paul Molitor, 1994-96

.290+ BA, 240+ R, age 37-39 (LHB, 1900-2010)

Jake Daubert, 1921-23

Ty Cobb, 1924-26

Eddie Collins, 1924-26
Tris Speaker, 1925-27
Sam Rice, 1927-29
Babe Ruth, 1932-34

Ted Williams, 1956-58

Barry Bonds, 2002-04

.290+ BA, 240+ R, age 37-39 (SH, 1900-2010)
Pete Rose, 1978-1980

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